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Centers of Excellence
  About The COE Survey

Spine COE® Survey Results Provide New Benchmarks
A complement to NeuStrategy's Neuroscience COE and Stroke COE surveys, the first release of the Spine COE Survey measures critical infrastructure for spine care among 99 participating hospitals and spine programs across 35 states and 3 international locations. Developed in collaboration with SpineMark Corporation, the Spine COE Survey applies NeuStrategy's proprietary service line staging model and provides the tools to identify the program, staffing, facility & technology and business characteristics that distinguish comprehensive spine care.

Armed with this objective data, hospital and healthcare organizations can compare their program strengths, identify any critical gaps and master the planning process to ensure high quality, efficient spine care.

Available NOW: Defining Comprehensive Spine Care
NeuStrategy, SpineMark and our team of clinical advisors review the Spine COE Survey results and present our research findings and insights in Defining Comprehensive Spine Care – the Spine COE Survey White Paper. The analysis segments respondents into two categories: Comprehensive versus Emerging programs.

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Spine Care

Participant Value
In addition to receiving the Comprehensive Edition of Defining Comprehensive Spine Care and your customized Report Card, all Spine COE Survey participants can purchase the Comprehensive Data Report. These individualized reports allow hospitals to benchmark their program performance against the rich detail on clinical and research programs, staffing, facility & technology and business characteristics.

Respondents also have access to customized benchmarks to track performance against select peer groups, such as like-size hospitals or academic versus community organizations.

It's Not Too Late to Participate
It's never too late to know your program strengths, identify your gaps, and plan for improved performance. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can participate in the Spine COE Survey and receive the Comprehensive Edition of Defining Comprehensive Spine Care including your organization's customized Report Card for only $495. Industry partners and vendors, or hospitals that do not wish to complete the survey, may buy the Comprehensive Edition White Paper for $695. Please see the chart below for pricing details.

To complete the Spine COE Survey and benchmark your program and receive the Comprehensive Edition of the Defining Comprehensive Spine Care White Paper, please e-mail SpineCOESurvey@neustrategy.com.